J.S./D.S. – Hillsborough, NJ, USA

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an adventure! We had been to Italy before but it seemed so hectic.  Getting up at 6am, arriving late at hotels, stopping at beautiful villages or cities for a short time was no fun.  When we got home, we had pictures but little in the way of the real Italian experience. Never again.  Personal custom tours with Enhanced Italy Tours is the way to go.  No large groups on the tour, no tourist traps with high prices, and travel at a reasonable pace!  We will never forget the beautiful B&B in the wine country of Chianti you arranged for us or the real Tuscan castle south of Florence we stayed in.  It was so beautiful and so Italian. We were so glad your director laid out an itinerary with flexibility.  Now we have the pictures to go with the full Italian experience!  It was a dream vacation!  Thank you for making that happen!