Janie and Lily 2022

Rome and Tuscany

Visited September 2022

Our needs were met beyond our imagination. Our wants were met with graciousness and eagerness. What we did not think of Antonello and Silvia suggested. It was a great adventure for my daughter and I and absolutely enjoyed every interaction with everyone in the company. We met many friends along the way and fell in love with Italy and especially her people. Thank you, our knowledgeable Antonello and our fun loving Silvia!!
Our kind US members, John and Kristina, kind and so very helpful
Bravo to you all!!
We will remember our trip to Italy and you all, forever ????

Alex&Danielle Australia

Tuscany & 5 Terre

Visited June 2020

An Amazing AAA experience!

John, Antonello and Silvia are not just “tour guides” but specialists dedicated to delivering the best possible experience personally tailored to your needs. They went out of their way in every respect to find out just what my wife and I would enjoy and then organised an Itinerary that exceeded all expectations. We highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to get the most out of their Italian experience – with only one caution … be prepared to make freinds forever.

Alex and Danielle Andreou

M. Henson, USA

Rome&Amalfi coast&Puglia

Visited May/June 2019

Enhanced Italy Tours promised the best Italian tour and they absolutely delivered!  We expressed our interests, they took over the planning, and we would not have changed one thing.  Our trip in Italy was truly a full Italian experience:  Rome landmarks, wine tasting among the rolling hills and vineyards of the Tuscan countryside, the picturesque Almalfi coast, incredible meals and food experiences, and great shopping.  One of the highlights was our visit to the charming region of Puglia and our stay at the Masseria Spetterrata property located in the heart of a large expanse of century old olive trees.  Silvia and Antonello were amazing from the time we met at the airport to our tearful departure; they were more than tour leaders, they totally took care of everything.   Thanks John, Kristina, Antonello and Silvia for making this trip one of my best travel experiences!!

Susan Hall, USA

Rome&Amalfi coast&Puglia

Visited May/June 2019

Perfecto!  My first time in Italy and my experience was awesome thanks to John, Antonella and Silvia. The travel was well thought out down to the smallest details.  Each day was a wonderful journey or discovery experiencing Italy in many different ways that left me breathless.  I can’t thank you enough and am forever grateful for this wonderful experience!

Donna R., USA

Rome&Amalfi coast&Puglia

Visited May/June 2019

Our Italy road trip was fantastic! The tours were well planned, the cuisine and wine were delicious, and our itinerary was so diverse. We explored Italian city life (Rome, Naples) and experienced the extraordinary countryside (Tuscany). The boat ride to Capri is a must do. We also had wonderful tour guides – Antonello and Silvia – they are the best! Highly recommend!!

K. Mallory, USA

Rome&Amalfi coast&Puglia

Visited May/June 2019

Wow Wow Wow. This was an amazing experience for a 1st time traveler to Europe. The trip was well planned down to the smallest detail with the flexibility to make changes as desired. We truly had a tour of Italy- City Life-Rome/Naples; Mountains/Sea life-Sorrento/Amalfi Coast; Countryside-Puglia and History-Pompeii. The Blue Grotto at the Isle of Capri was phenomenal. The selections of hotels and restaurants were fantastic. The tours guides Antonello and Silvia are top notched-they best ever . We had a small group of 6 which was very intimate and enjoyable to say the least. This was more than simply a vacation this was an awesome experience. Great food, awesome wines and you can go to Italy and not get the Limoncello. We will meet again. Thank you eitalytours!! You are #1 in my book!!

Ezella, Maryland USA

Rome & Tuscany

Visited June 2018

What a wonderful trip it has been to see Rome, Florence and the heart of Chianti! It would not have been possible without you (John), Kristina, Antonello, and our Silvia.  The vineyards and restaurants and food tasting you arranged was truly wonderful as well as the last minute shopping that we fit in.  Malissa and I are seriously thinking of going on an Amalfi Coast tour next year.  You guys are truly amazing.  Thank you so very much!

P.D./S.D. – Greenbrook, NJ, USA

We had a wonderful time with your tour guides at Enhanced Italy Tours!  My wife still tells everyone that it was a trip of a lifetime…our dream vacation!  We didn’t know where to begin with planning a trip to Italy.  We had never been there before and were reluctant because we don’t travel often.  Enhanced Italy Tours made it so easy for us.  They were there waiting at the airport and showed us how easy it could be to travel throughout the whole trip! What a way to travel.  We can’t thank you enough for putting our minds at ease!  We look forward to the next vacation!

J.S./D.S. – Hillsborough, NJ, USA

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an adventure! We had been to Italy before but it seemed so hectic.  Getting up at 6am, arriving late at hotels, stopping at beautiful villages or cities for a short time was no fun.  When we got home, we had pictures but little in the way of the real Italian experience. Never again.  Personal custom tours with Enhanced Italy Tours is the way to go.  No large groups on the tour, no tourist traps with high prices, and travel at a reasonable pace!  We will never forget the beautiful B&B in the wine country of Chianti you arranged for us or the real Tuscan castle south of Florence we stayed in.  It was so beautiful and so Italian. We were so glad your director laid out an itinerary with flexibility.  Now we have the pictures to go with the full Italian experience!  It was a dream vacation!  Thank you for making that happen!

P.B. – Manchester, England

I get to travel to Europe on business a lot. I use the internet and a company travel agent to book accommodations. This time I wanted a real Italian experience with my husband on holiday but not as a tourist. A business colleague suggested I try Enhanced Italy Tours who specializes in Italian tours. He told me that you were very different from travel agencies, providing the best personalized custom tour packages. He was right. You have exceeded our expectations.  You eliminated my usual guesswork when I plan my holiday trip! You understood what we wanted and provided the right lodging, restaurants, wine tours…even an amazing shopping day! We liked the pace and the way you varied the times of events each day to meet our itinerary without wearing us out. It was the perfect holiday. Thank you again and I can’t wait for next time!