My name is Ilaria (Hillary in English!)
I come from a multi generational Florentine family.  I grew up having always in my eyes the beauty and harmony of this unique city in the world and I am sure that it has made me who I am today.
I speak English, Spanish, French, and Italian (with a Florentine accent).
Because I have been immersed in tourism for many years, I can offer my clients and friends the beauty and diversity of Florence.  In addition to the most popular, I can also introduce you to the lesser known museums and gardens, the original artisan shops, where it is possible to see how the work is completed in real time.  It will be my pleasure to present the charming restaurants that cater to the local Tuscan cuisine that belonged to the families for many years.
I look forward to helping you to understand, love, and appreciate the city in Tuscany I call home!